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We started with 
the hope of creating a more soothing atmosphere with our light diffusers to 
medical and dental facilities all over 
the United States. 

Our success has now carried over to 
the residential side as well. Our panels 
are decorative fluorescent light diffusers
that depict high-color, vibrant outdoor scenes. They can relax your working environment while eliminating harsh 
glares from fluorescent lighting.
Our panels are made of Durastrong plastic which is specially formulated with just enough white pigment 
for the best luminosity without viewing light bulbs. The Durastrong plastic and printing inks are UV stabilized so that colors stay bright and crisp. 
And best of all,our Durastrong 
plastic is guaranteed not to 
break during shipping - even 
with rough handling!
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Take your existing space 
and make it Extraordinary!
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